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Taj - one to one client

Being new to yoga and still recovering from a knee replacement, I needed a tutor who could be patient with me whilst still ensuring I got all the benefits of the practice.  Jane, with her many years of experience, has proved to be a very professional and patient instructor with a focus on ensuring I am comfortable every step of the way whilst helping me to develop my core strength and flexibility.  She comes well-prepared to every lesson and always makes the most of our time together. 


Over and beyond the yoga she is a genuinely nice person and I would highly recommend her to anyone regardless of their current level of experience in yoga. 

Laoise McGarry

Jane provides a warm and supportive atmosphere for her students and is attentive to everyone’s needs. Every practice is unique and carefully thought out, displaying her knowledge, intuition and caring nature. I could not recommend Jane more highly. Thank you Jane!

Bethanie Crayston

I like Jane's classes because they’re always dynamic and varied. There’s enough flow that it always seems achievable even when your muscles give up! Jane is also very approachable and will correct technical mistakes when appropriate, but knows when people are at their limit. I’ve felt a genuine improvement in my ability after the classes and miss it when I can’t attend!

Miles Foxley

I joined Jane's yoga class in an attempt to prevent injury in the other sports I'm involved with by increasing my flexibility and mobility and general self-awareness. I'm happy to say that I've now been able to put recurrent injuries behind me and have remained fit and healthy for the last three and a half years. Jane's classes cater for all abilities and she manages to strike the right balance between providing enough variety to keep classes interesting whilst still covering the same movements sufficiently regularly to enable me to measure my progress.

Marry Jonker

I have been doing yoga on and off for some 30 years but Jane certainly knows how to "pack a punch" with her classes.  She strikes a good balance between the physical and the spiritual, seemingly enjoying herself teaching us!  I keep going back for more.

Siân Fletcher

Jane's classes are very thoughtfully prepared both in terms of content and presentation.  For her online classes she ensures that her mat is positioned so that participants can see her clearly  and seamlessly takes time to check to make sure that everyone is on track. She speaks clearly and keeps up a dialogue so that we can listen and proceed rather than having to check by looking. 

Jane's classes focus on one area each week, for example upper legs, shoulders etc. Starting with a focus on breathing she then moves on to the poses.  The moves are quite dynamic and are repeated and slightly changed to become harder with each set. Jane explains modifications without disturbing the flow of the class.

The classes are challenging and I ache in a good way the next day.  I've found Jane's manner is a lovely mix of professionalism and friendliness and I highly recommend her classes.

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